The final frontier

By me. Photographed at Percy Priest Lake

The evidence of space’s inspirational power is everywhere! Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut. Maybe you cried with your best friend watching E.T., grew up watching Star Trek with your family or dragged a date to see The Martian when it came out.

This awe is powerful. It keeps us pushing the boundaries of where a human can go, how far a satellite can reach, and how patiently we can monitor the stars.

I don’t need never-before-seen worlds to inspire this awe (though those are nice too). I have already seen plenty of things from my place on Earth to rattled me and made me realize how incomprehensibly big and far everything is. Eclipses, in particular, grab me when I think about how perfectly lined up the sun, moon, and Earth are. But I’m sure I don’t need to explain why eclipses was so captivating. Instead, I will leave you with this picture from last summer’s solar eclipse.

One thought on “The final frontier

  1. Wow! Great image of the eclipse last year! I’m so glad you got to see it – I have to say that it was an amazing experience – I had many of the same emotions it looks like you did – and I can’t wait to go see another one! Did you know people go on special eclipse cruises and special eclipse-centered trips to remote places?? I totally want to go on one!


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